About Us

In today’s ever changing business environment, learning and development for employees needs to keep up with the times. Kairos Modern Learning is a forward thinking, cutting edge learning consultancy, helping provide businesses of all sizes with effective, efficient, enjoyable and engaging workplace learning programmes that really add value to the bottom line.

Utilising the most forward thinking and integrated learning methods, whatever your businesses learning requirements, Kairos Modern Learning brings a fresh approach to workplace learning to truly maximise your team’s potential via social and blended learning with reflective practice.

Watch and read on to find out more about how to create more engaging, efficient and effective workplace learning.


We ask the difficult questions of ourselves and of our clients to ensure that everyone understands their truth and can move to a modern learning context with a realistic, practical confidence.


We are avid in our consumption at industry conferences, webinars, blogs, Twitter, and everywhere else to ensure good practise learning is shared. You can rely on us being up on our CPD. You are assured of excellence.


There is nothing more annoying than not knowing where you stand. You will never have that with us. From fair and transparent pricing to open, honest conversations, we will add genuine value.

What we believe

Kairos is reflection, subconscious thinking, breathing in fresh air, allowing ourselves the time to learn effectively. Our consultancy mixes the point of need immediacy of digital modern progressive learning interventions, with appropriate blended learning, plus builds in time marrying the fast paced with the reflective to create meaningful modern long lasting learning solutions that work.
Kairos Modern Learning is “Time Well Spent”.

Blog by our L&D Director


#LnDcowork: a year in

I arrange #LnDcowork with my colleague and friend, Fiona McBride. Fiona and recently chatted about it as our one year anniversary came around. Here I kick us off thinking about #LnDcowork…


Energy: Where does it all come from?

Where does all that energy come from? How do we keep going when things are tough? A reflective blog on luck, volunteering and God (just a little bit, don’t worry). Today is…



In Brussels today some people made bad choices. I am sorry for them and for those caught up in the aftermath of those choices. It is, again, a sad day…


Working Together #LnDcowork

      Fiona McBride and I have been working with other L&Ders on bringing like minded professionals together to co-work. Here’s a bit about how it’s gone so far….…


Endings & Beginnings

In 2015 I ran a daily tweet campaign to encourage sharing of practical ideas to support L&D practitioners on how to move into a more modern learning space. I called…


#learnpersonal: The end of Injection Education

I recently spent the day with Brightwave and their customers at Brightwave’s #LearnPersonal event. I love a company that is prepared to put its customers together in a room. It…


Lacking Creativity

This summer I purposefully didn’t book any client work with a plan to have an August Readathon, catching up on all those great business writings I’ve never read cover to…


Is the Learning Landscape Desserted? #Blimage

Sometimes random things happen. I embrace them as serendipity, as God’s plan, as opportunity. I rarely turn down a chance to try something new, unless it involves anything high up,…


CIPD L&D Show Post 1: Tips for the Evolution

The evolution of Learning & Development is in our own hands. If we don’t do anything about it, nothing will change. And there is lies the challenge. Are you prepared…


A bit of #WOL about #NoPlasters

#WOL can be seen regularly on Twitter encouraging us to partake in Working Out Loud. But what exactly is #WOL? Essentially it is the practise of openly sharing work to…


Injection Education needs diversity

The night before the biggest test of your school career you could probably be found cramming. Stuffing information into your brain like sand into a bucket. The truth is that…


2015: The How of Doing

Talk’s cheap. Everyone talks but not everyone does. To use a phrase from Mr Sinek, why? I think there are two answers; firstly talk is easy, and secondly often we…


Welcome to 2015: the year of the How to Do.

As 2014 ends, I have an overwhelming feeling of the need to stop the talking and start the doing.  Enjoying a little reflective Kairos time over the festive season, I…


Uniform: Keep It Real?

I hate shopping. There. Said it. A women who doesn’t like to shop. Weird, huh? Well in this world we cannot all be the same… can we? Luckily I know…


It’s not a numbers game!

I am an advocate of 70:20:10. I am on public record as a fan (just search my name on YouTube) and I have successfully implemented the methodology within business. You…


Here we go!!

Actually I ‘go’ all the time. I am a never stop person.  Sometimes I don’t sit down for fear of falling asleep. I love Go. I find Stop restricting. Occasionally…


I am not a narcissist.

I am not a narcissist. Michelle, you are writing a blog of your opinions, putting them out there for the world to see. You are talking about yourself in the…

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