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In today’s ever changing business environment, learning and development for employees needs to keep up with the times. Kairos Modern Learning is a forward thinking learning consultancy, helping provide businesses of all shapes and sizes with workplace learning programmes that really add value to the bottom line.

Utilising our vast experience, whatever your businesses learning requirements, Kairos Modern Learning can bring a bespoke, fresh approach to your workplace learning to truly maximise your team’s potential. Put simply, if all you offer your teams are courses, you need our help to move into modern workplace learning. We can help you support your staff quickly and effectively with a whole world of learning via social, digital, face to face and reflective practice. It is all about whatever you need in learning to meet your business goals.

Watch and read on to find out more about how to create engaging, efficient, effective and enjoyable workplace learning.


We ask the difficult questions of ourselves and of our clients to ensure that everyone understands their truth and can move to a modern learning context with a realistic, practical confidence.


We are avid in our consumption at industry conferences, webinars, blogs, Twitter, and everywhere else to ensure good practise learning is shared. You can rely on us being up on our CPD. You are assured of excellence.


There is nothing more annoying than not knowing where you stand. You will never have that with us. From fair and transparent pricing to open, honest conversations, we will add genuine value.

What we believe

Kairos is reflection, subconscious thinking, breathing in fresh air, allowing ourselves the time to learn effectively. Our consultancy mixes the point of need immediacy of digital modern progressive learning interventions, with appropriate blended learning, plus builds in time marrying the fast paced with the reflective to create meaningful modern long lasting learning solutions that work.
Kairos Modern Learning is “Time Well Spent”.

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