I am not a narcissist. Michelle, you are writing a blog of your opinions, putting them out there for the world to see. You are talking about yourself in the third person. Psychologists may question your narcissistic tendencies. I genuinely do not do anything to validate my opinion of myself. I am self-aware. I am 40, a bit blind, quite bossy, God aware, often late, a bit rounder than is healthy, a little ravaged from the birth and feeding of my three amazing children: let’s pause; is it narcissistic to be amazed at one’s own off spring? I am amazed at them, by them and for them. The biology of children: how can two adults create three so very different children? That’s amazing. The psychology of children: how can adults forget the fun and value of play? That’s amazing. The innocence of children: how can we watch children asking the questions adults want to and yet continue not to ask? That’s amazing. So, sorry to digress but worthy observations, in my mind. Back to self-aware. I believe I am self-aware. I am not perfect and I value my foibles. Occasionally I work on them but secretly I like them. They are me and chopping them out of my life would be like losing a toe; toes are mildly useful, I could live without one but it completes the set. And I like sets, order, tidy, completeness; some of my foibles. Knowing all this about myself is important. It helps me understand myself and control myself.  There is so much which has been done on this know thyself psychology; Chimp Paradox being the popular. I haven’t read the book; I don’t make time for books – a foible or fact, either way, true story. There is a reason such tomes are popular as we struggle to survive the post-apocalyptic style financially challenged world we co-exist in now, we need survival manuals. This blog is not one. It is the cathartic thoughts of a short, blondish middle aged self-deprecating mother and business woman. Coping mechanisms. Pathways to our panacea. Hopeful hints to our own private heaven. My pathway?  My panacea?  Be truly self-aware. It is liberating. It is validating. It is not being bolshie or cantankerous without reason or question. That’s not self-aware, that’s rude and mean. Be kind, always. Self-aware helps you operate in the O=E+R space. Am I a narcissist to say come back next time to find out what that is? Or self-aware enough to know it is not my theory and I am not passing someone else’s idea as my own. I am a trainer, and I want you to go away and find out what it means. Then apply it to your lives. It helps. It makes the world a nicer place. Be curious. Find stuff out and if you like it live by it; if you don’t look for more answers. Self-awareness is all about be curious. I am curious about myself. Now, even I admit, that is narcissistic.