Caerus/Kairos in a 16th Century fresco by Francesco Salviati

I recently had a great chat with Caroline Walmsley of Brightwave, a Brighton based learning technology company. Caroline is a real forward thinker. As a CEO she is inspiring, listening and engaging. Every time I spend time with her, I am energised and have fun. Caroline also has a sense of humility in her role of supplier to the L&D world. It is wonderful to see a company which started life in the elearning space listening to L&D practitioners and building solutions which are evolving as our L&D need evolve. Their platform tessello is a total learning system, which allows learners to share, to learn and to be together online as they would be face to face. Social learning at its best.

I hope you enjoy listening to our podcast as much as we enjoyed making it. Please click the link below to get to both the podcast and a transcript, for those who prefer to read than listen.