Wow, a year already! We are out of infancy and heading towards toddlerhood. What a difference a year makes. We have been fortunate enough to work with so many fabulous clients and colleagues over the past year. We are grateful for the learning each has provided to us. Sometimes that learning was the joy of sharing. Sometimes that learning was how beautiful it is to support a client and watch them grow in your care. Sometimes that learning was how to be better at running a business. Sometimes that learning was how to be better at learning itself. All of it valuable, interesting, and fun!

Personally over this past year, I’ve met so many amazing people and been to so many interesting events, as I reflect on this I wonder why it feels like so much longer than just one year. Perhaps it is because work never feels like work when you are enjoying yourself and spending time with great people. I feel so far removed from my old corporate life, I can almost not remember it. The corporate world was my formative stage, the place I honed my craft and experienced my challenges, so I will never forget it. It is the old world which prepared me for this modern learning world, helping corporates, helping trainers, and helping L&D professionals today.

Yet time marches on unnoticed, unless we stop to look. I have tried to spend my first year heading up Kairos Modern Learning as #TimeWellSpent. We are here for an all too brief moment in time. I believe all time should be well spent, especially the precious time dedicated to learning. I often use this hashtag by way of logging a reviewable journey. Looking over that at the point of this anniversary has been a cathartic way of remembering, reflecting and reviewing our first year. Milestone memories and key learnings from the year include;

  • Twitter is amazing!
  • Gut instinct is a good instinct.
  • I love live tweeting from events.
  • #LSGWebinars are truly excellent.
  • Time is finite resource. Use it wisely.
  • Networking pays. And is jolly good fun!
  • Sunshine and green space make me happy.
  • Giving it away pays you back, sooner or later.
  • Being kind does make the world a better place.
  • Having a great accountant will help your business.
  • CIPD Open Space is an inspiring stomping ground.
  • Belief in yourself is enriched by other’s belief in you.
  • #LDInsight is a regular source of challenge & inspiration.
  • Being wholly self-aware is massively useful in many ways.
  • My voluntary work is a really important part of my business.
  • Having faith in your message is important for giving strength.
  • Spending time with like-minded people is always #TimeWellSpent.
  • Trust is best shared but earning it yourself does not earn it for others.
  • Bringing your whole self to work can be hard but is ultimately rewarding.
  • Making time for things you are passionate about doesn’t feel like making time.

I wonder what you have learnt over the past twelve months? I hope that Kairos Modern Learning has had a positive learning impact on your life and work.

To all our customers I offer you sincere thanks for trusting in us and working with us. To all those who have been influenced by our work, but have yet to join in the conversation, I welcome you to step into the new era of modern learning, as we really look forward to working with you. To all those who have simply helped us along the way, we could not have got this far without you, nor will we travel any further without you. Sincerely, I thank each of you for including us in your #TimeWellSpent.