In keeping with my focus on the practical, I am mindful that for some a conference like Learning Technologies can be overwhelming with so many appealing exhibitors, and so many intriguing conference sessions. Here are a few tips to help you visit the event to get the best from your time.

Go purposely. Before you attend think about where you are on your learning journey, where you company is, and where both you and your organisation are wanting to be. If you arrive with those thoughts in mind it will help you sift through the numerous suppliers and thought leaders holding what you’re trying to achieve in mind.

Before you attend, make sure you take time to look carefully at the sessions and to plan your timetable. There is so much going on, you can easily miss things which would be helpful to your purpose.

Perhaps you got a free ticket, or wanted a good excuse for a day out of the office so you have no idea what you are attending for; well, that’s fine too! Bringing an open mind can be as helpful as bringing a purposeful mind – especially if you don’t mind missing stuff in place of other chats and conversations. Take advice from @Street_Wisdom and walk towards what you are drawn to. You will find your purpose in these interesting conversations. Speak to people, observe intently, take notes of what you are struck by, ask questions, be curious, enjoy.

One note of caution: be mindful of salespeople if they are simply trying to sell you solutions without actually being interested in what your needs are. My advice is walk away. Sales peeps that want to tell you everything about their product without even knowing if you have need of it are wasting your time and their own. The best sales people will just want to get to know you, and you them; those conversations are interesting and fun. Luckily for you, there will be many fantastic suppliers in Learning Technologies Exhibition so I hope this advice is not required!

Finally, if you can’t get to the event, be sure to follow on Twitter using the hashtag #LT16uk and the hashtag for the session you’re interested in. The details of the conference sessions and hashtags are listed in Kate Graham’s post here

The following Twitterati will be covering the event so be sure to give them a follow;

Kate Graham – @kategraham23
Susie Finch – @susiefinch
Sam Taylor – @samt_el
Alistair Cockroft – @acockroft
Kim George – @KimSGeorge
Andy Nock – @andynock83
Dorian Dandridge – @ageingworkforce
Sarah Hetherington – @SarahLHeth
Julie Drybrough – @fuchsia_blue

Don Taylor (Conference Chairman) – @DonaldHTaylor
Learning Technologies official feed – @LT16UK
Learning and Skills official feed – @LAS16UK

And there’s me too – Michelle Parry-Slater – @MiPS1608

Wishing you all a fantastic Learning Technologies 2016. See you online! Follow my blog posts on my website and Tweets too. Some blogs are also available on Linked In