When you win a Silver Learning Technologies award and share that good news, it is tradition for contacts, friends, and family to congratulate and celebrate. It is certainly a very nice feeling to have lots of people ‘like’ that news and comment on social channels and in person. Thank you all for your kindness.

When you then a week later win a Gold Training Journal Award at the TJ Awards Ceremony, you kind of have your breath taken away. Two major awards in less than a week! To top the Silver Learning Tech with a Gold TJ is such a superb way of celebrating nearly 2 years of achievement in a wonderful team. I love working with CIPD and their partner Avado. We won for our partnership. It is one based on strengths, with us all bringing our best. For me, I offer the practitioner’s view, the how to do modern learning, the focus on practical L&D within the place of work. Involved from the concept stage, I wrote assets, I offered challenge and external insight, and I deliver live online classes for the programme. Together we’ve created new traditions for our industry. As we all focused on the student experience and the aims of the programme in a strengths based team, we learnt from each other so much, which is the sign of a great relationship in my book.

The CIPD often gets knocked for not leading our industry, for being out of touch from real practitioners, from being traditional, as if traditions are old and unacceptable. Tradition comes from somewhere, from someone who invented ‘the thing’ that becomes ‘the thing’ we do. Over this Christmas break, you will partake in many traditions which were all started at some point in time; Christmas Trees in the house, Santa in his red suit, Elf on the shelf. (As an aside, marketing teams seem to have a lot to answer for when it comes to Christmas traditions!) People have embraced these festive ideas, reminding us we accept change more readily than perhaps we realise, and quickly these things become traditional, even though they are new. The CIPD, as I see it, has changed under Peter Cheese. It is no longer the old-fashioned or traditional institution you may perceive it to be. If this is your feeling about the CIPD, I urge you to look again. Behind the scenes, new traditions are being modelled. Quietly, steadily, thoughtfully, Andy Lancaster has been leading change within Learning & Development at CIPD, and our two awards are testament to the impact that work has had, both on the students of the Level 5 L&D programme, the institute itself, and our profession at large. The CIPD is leading edge and creating new traditions which are more akin to modern working. Exciting times are ahead and I am so proud to move into 2017 working alongside my remarkable client, the CIPD.

If you are thinking of embracing a better way for your Learning & Development in 2017, to marry new and old traditions in learning, I would be happy to chat to you about how to create award winning programmes. Kairos Modern Learning specialises in supporting organisations to create effective, enjoyable, engaging and efficient workplace learning, embracing the best from face to face, digital and social learning. See more at www.KairosML.co.uk

Until we speak again, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you all enjoy the old, new, interesting and odd traditions your families have at this time of year.