Guest Blog on learning her new role from our new team mate Sam Metrovich, ahead of #cipdLDshow

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I have recently joined the Learning and Development world. This is a complete change of role for me. I have gone from organising engineers and suppliers, making sure machines are prepped for customer delivery on time, to moving into a whole new world of L&D. Currently, for me every day is a learning day trying to understand what is required from me in my new role, what I need to use to make it work and how to make it work. I am reading a lot! I am watching lots of video too, particularly Learning Now TV. I am practising brushing up on skills long forgotten as I reacquaint myself with Excel and Powerpoint, and also learn to use tools new to me, such as Twitter and Slack.

As an outsider coming into the world of L&D, it is very interesting to see the differences between manufacturing where I come from to the corporate world. My colleague Michelle ran a Twitter campaign in 2015 called #NoPlasters and has been doing a #NoPlasters feature on Learning Now TV since 2016, more recently looking outside of the corporate world for ideas on how to improve learning for people in the corporate world. I am really resonating with her thoughts and interviews as I learn about L&D through watching #LNTV. At least here, some things are not entirely new. Phew!

I believe that learning is in some way similar to health and safety in respect of each and every one of us being responsible for our own safety while at work and at home; we are also responsible for our own learning. If we stop learning or stop wanting to learn, we become stagnant and bored in the roles we are doing, we stop caring and stop wanting to progress. So from my perspective, while companies should have the tools and abilities to encourage and assist people to learn, it is down to the individual to make sure the company gives them that investment, so they can progress and grow.

I am completely on board with giving everyone an opportunity to grow within themselves, and within the company they work for. I also believe that everybody does have a learning day every day. Most days people will hear of something or someone they have not heard of before and may not even realise they have learnt something new until they sit down and reflect on the day. I am starting to realise the way I have been taught to use the tools for my job could be done differently than how I was taught in the past, plus how exciting it can be for people in the future.

In the last two weeks since I started my new role it has been a whole world of weird for me. I have started working from home, rather than being in an office every day. I don’t feel like I am working, but know I am working just as hard as I was when I went into an office. I have learnt I need a radio on quietly in the background so I can keep track of time. I have learnt a lot more about how social media can be used as a learning tool as well as a sharing tool. I have attended my first #LnDcowork and met with some lovely folk, who made me feel very welcome as a new Learning and Development person.

Sam at work

So for me now, it is all about new learning and stretching my abilities. I am stretching the brain matter writing this, my first ever blog. I will be stretching even more when I attend my first #cipdLDshow next week to see what more I can learn, how I can progress into this new world and how I can continue making every day a learning day. I know there are a lot of changes in the near future for me, but I am doing my best to embrace the changes and not be too fearful. I feel excited about the new times ahead and the learning I am going to be doing. I also feel scared, but I know scared is good because I hear that is where the learning takes place!