Neuroscience of Learning

After the recent Learning & Performance Institute’s event where Amy and Michelle delivered (what was being called on twitter and in subsequent blogs) a very engaging session around being creative in learning utilising neuroscience, we wanted to make the insights available to everyone.

Here is a white paper which contains content from Amy and Michelle and also ideas from the creative thinkers at the LPI event.

Contact us to take part in our neuroscience of learning programme, in which you have support from both Michelle and Amy, marrying top class learning solutions with the best that neuroscience can offer to ensure a bespoke package of audit, intervention and ongoing support that works for your organisation. As a participant of Learning Live, you will qualify for a 50% discount.

The Neuroscience of Learning Programme

The programme brings together expertise from the world of learning and the world of neuroscience to ensure you are designing everything with a thorough understanding and awareness of the latest thinking and scientific underpinning to enable effective, efficient, engaging and enjoyable learning experiences which really work.

This bespoke experience gives you:

  • Models you can use in learning design processes again and again
  • Personal access to experts to get all your questions answered
  • Knowledge you can leverage with stakeholders to help them make more informed decisions
  • The opportunity to do something really special in your organization, that will impress others
  • Full flexibility in how you create interventions going forward

How it works:

  • We conduct an audit to understand what is currently happening and where the potential areas for growth are
  • We meet at your offices and spend a day work-shopping concepts, content, context and everything else you need to have a solid game changing plan
  • We support you for the following 6 weeks to ensure exciting results
Amy Brann

Amy Brann 

Amy Brann is passionate about people being excited on Monday mornings and feeling fulfilled on Fridays. She has authored ‘Make Your Brain Work’, ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ and ‘Engaged: the neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organisations’. As the director of Synaptic Potential she consults & coaches organisations and delivers keynotes.


Michelle Parry-Slater

Michelle spends most days far too excited about the possibilities available to everyone involved in workplace learning. Harnessing this energy, she loves to move people away from the traditional to embrace the best of digital, social and face to face in workplace learning, creating effective, efficient, enjoyable and engaging everyday learning for corporates, trainers, and universities. The rest of the time she can be found on Twitter @MiPS1608 giving away top tips on learning #NoPlasters

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