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Planting learning seeds is all part of being in learning and development. It is an honour that L&D professionals get to plant the seeds that learners go onto grow. Often businesses send their employees onto a course to plant a seed – time out of the office with nice biscuits and a fabulous trainer. Then it is back to the day job with no nourishment for that seed, and nothing changes, despite the expensive investment in training. This is ‘injection education’, a one time learning intervention which wears off quickly. Change, learning, personal growth, inspiration – these are not things you can go to the doctors to get a shot for. Yet business often thinks of training in terms of a tick box exercise, or as a nice to have, or as a reward. Learning is not a reward for hitting a budget number; learning is a way of enabling teams to hit that number time and time again.

At Kairos Modern Learning we are not about injection education as it doesn’t work in the long term. With increasingly restricted budgets and the need for effective L&D, businesses deserve better.  There is no point of L&D interventions if the expected outcome is not a change in “how things are done around here”. Behavioural change is the ideal outcome from any learning, however people fundamentally don’t like change. That said, we know human beings change every day, they just don’t notice the evolution. At Kairos Modern Learning we don’t talk about change, we talk about evolution.  It is interesting that people are more effective modern learners in their private lives than they are in their business lives. We have evolved in our private lives, for example, when booking our next holiday we think nothing of asking a friend’s recommendation face to face or on Facebook, or searching a travel agent’s website and Twitter feed, or looking at YouTube travel reviews. By blending readily available modern learning solutions into a business context, evolution in your business learning can work this naturally too.

We use our experiences and expertise to create learning programmes which blend all possible media, experts and methodologies. We can then ensure that businesses evolve as they need to in today’s modern world. We understand that learners cannot go on a course and be expected to have perfect recall months later. We build in point of need solutions appropriate to your business. We deliver learning which sticks because of multiple interventions within your business context, not a one off injection of education. We can offer training in a wide variety of areas, from leadership development, sales training and presentation skills to time management, dealing with difficult people and company induction. Contact us to discuss your business challenges and allow us to show you can evolve your business learning with Kairos Modern Learning.

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