Growth: for trainers and L&D Specialists

Project Brief.

We all start somewhere. Few of use finish where we started. Our journeys are full of variety, challenge and, hopefully, fun. Yet we all come to a fork in the road at some point. Do you take the road less travelled,  or stick with the safety of the road you know? In learning, we often take the well worn route, which involves classroom training, workbooks, going on a course – or as we call it, Injection Education. These are all perfectly adequate training interventions, but is perfectly adequate as good as you want to get? Is adequate all your learners deserve?

If you are a face to face trainer, you will know there are only 260 working days in the year. This is 260 days in which you can earn and your clients can learn. And once you take off your prep days, your earning and client learning potential is even less. This may be perfectly adequate for you. But don’t you deserve more that adequate?

If you are wondering how you can increase potential, how you can create learning journeys that last, how you can harness the power of social learning, but you feel vulnerable or unsure of next steps, and you don’t know how to implement the change into your offering, then contact Kairos Modern Learning; we have solutions just for you. We have been on your road, on your journey, in your footsteps. We took the road less travelled, and we are keen to have you come with us.

This is one story. Have a look and listen. If you recognise a journey you would like to help with, we would be very happy to help you move away from the brevity and inadequacy of  Injection Education.

Moving Away from Injection Education at LT14uk

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